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Fenix Fabrication is located in Akron, Ohio. Our Facility has several decades of experience in general and high tolerance fabrication work. A majority of our work is performed for the Tunnel Boring / Mining / Drilling industry as well as fabricating Rotating Components for the Coal Fired Power Generation industry. Along with our in house machine shop, we work with several machine shops in the Greater Akron / Cleveland area that provide us the ability to quote turn-key projects for our customers. Combined with our fabrication and machining abilities, we also perform full service tear down and rebuilds of Rubber Mixing machines and related components. Please take the time to call us to discuss your specific projects that you have to outsource and how we can provide better service than other fabrication shops.

Our Team

Experience Overview

Fenix Fabrication, Inc. was created by Christopher Forgan and Anthony Leipold to provide medium to heavy steel fabrication services in the Northeast Ohio region. Our main product line is the fabrication of tunnel boring equipment for a company in Ohio. However, our combined experience with both the management and more specifically the shop personnel give us the ability to handle nearly any project that your company has to complete.

Christopher J. Forgan - Owner and President

Anthony J. Leipold - Vice President

Welders / Fitters (22 total as of 03/01/11)

Christopher J. Forgan

Chris Forgan has over 20 years of experience in the steel fabrication industry, starting from his apprenticeship at a furnace manufacturing facility and then moving onto the complete fabrication and assembly of both Centrifugal and Axial Fans for the power industry as well as general use Industrial Fans. The past 11 years, Chris worked for a fabrication shop in Medina Ohio, where he became the project leader / shop supervisor to a crew of over 15 fitters / welders that built the largest Hard-Rock Cutterhead (to date) that is currently tunneling for a new hydroelectric power plant in Niagara Falls, Canada.

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Anthony J. Leipold

Tony Leipold has been in the fabrication industry for over 14 years with his main focus on project management and engineering liaison for Axial and Centrifugal Fans for both the power industry as well as general Industrial Fans. He has worked with all of the major fan design companies currently operating in the US from initial design stages all the way thru to final assembly and balance. Along the way, he has worked closely with many of the fan designers to find ways to streamline their product designs, both in modifying designs to facilitate a better end product as well as cut costs in the current / future product designs.

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Welders / Fitters

Our small crew of welders and fitters are perhaps the best in the Northeast Ohio region. The workers have worked on every different piece of equipment from all aspects of the Tunnel Boring Equipment to building both types of fans mentioned above to Nuclear Equipment. You name it, they have probably built it. Our crew may be small but their knowledge and abilities make them the best at what they do. There is nothing that we feel our crew cannot fit, weld and assemble in the medium to heavy steel plate industry.

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Physical Plant Information
25,000 sq. ft. facility with capability to work on parts up to 100,000 lbs.

1 - (25) ton crane & 2 - (5) ton cranes (tall middle bay - 25’8” ft under hook)
1 - (10) ton crane & 1 - (5) ton crane each side bay (North & South bays - 16-18 ft under hook)

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Tunnel Borring Cutter Head

Although the company is fairly new, the fitters / welders working for Fenix have been working on the following projects under the supervision and direction of Chris Forgan for another company. The following are some examples of the work we are currently completing and a few of the projects that have shipped in the last few months.

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Tunnel Borring Deck Platform

Backup Equipment (Primer Only)

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Directional Drilling Machine

Thrustframe for a Directional Drilling Machine with 1,000,000 lbs of Hydraulic Force. Fenix Fabrication also assembled the Thrustframe to the transportation Trailer.

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Transportation Trailer for the Vertical Directional Drilling Machine.

Trailer, Axles, and hardware were part of our scope of work.

Tube Straightening Machine Components

Tube Straightener after machining. (Crowne Unit)

This part was originally designed in Metric Units and had to be adjusted for the change to US material stock sizes.

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Tube Straightener during machining. (Base Unit)

Rebuilt / Modified Components

Modified Cutterhead

Cutterhead Adapter - project required MT and UT inspection of this part, excavate all indications and perform a final NDT after all repairs were complete.

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Liner for Rubber Mixing Machines

This tube was welded out on the ID complete with Hard Facing Wire and then will be finish machined before it gets installed in a re-built unit.

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